Assalamualaikum. Hye, we meet again.

My previous entry is about how to prevent cancer. Today, I’m going to talk about the impact of cancers. I hope this entry somehow will help people to understand more about the real impact that will affect our life.

First thing first, we as a healthy person should know the situation that cancer patients had to face. We should not neglected them and know their struggle to face these kind of situation. Try helping them as much as we can so that they won’t give up with their life. We can also help them if there’s anything that they can’t do. For an example, bring them to the hospital if they need to do the treatment or maybe chemotherapy. Don’t leave them alone if they need someone to stay by their side. We can also help them by listening to their problem and stories if that the things that will make them happy.

We can also help cancer patient’s families if they have financial problem. By doing so, they will get full treatment and the chances to get cured are pretty high rather than not doing it at all. Tell them not to worry about the payment and help them the best that you can. Don’t neglect them. I’m sure they will appreciate you more and help you in future as well.

As a society, we can help cancer patients by giving them support as they really need huge support in order to get cured. Support is really important for them right now in order for them to avoid getting depression. Bear in mind that if they think too much about their condition, that will actually affecting more and bring bad impact to their health. By supporting them, we at the same time are helping them to recover their mind-set. Try to change their mind-set that cancer patients are able to get cured also. Don’t ask them to give up and ask them to stay strong as much as they can. If we are able to do so, they somehow will get positive vibes and will try as much as they can to get the full treatment.

To end up this entry, we as a healthy person should know the problem that cancer patients had to face. They are not just only facing a critical moment in their life but also might loss interest to stay alive. Play your role as a society or as a family and help them as much as you can.


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