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Finally, I am here after posting 10 entries regarding cancer disease. I really hope that you will enjoy reading my blog and become more aware after this.

For further information, if you ever sense something is wrong with your body, don’t procrastinate and quickly meet a doctor. It is okay to experience minor pain instead of feeling extremely painful later on. I also would be please if you make a medical appointment or check-up at hospital to ensure that everything is fine regarding your health. Bear in mind that cancer is not something that we can’t take for granted. Take these things seriously as it involves your daily life.

Don’t be sad if you have been diagnosed with cancer disease! Take it as a challenge for your life. Be more serious in taking care of your health and your food consumption as well. You should also live with people that will bring you smile and surround yourself with them. Don’t think too much as it will lead you to depression. Smile and stay positive. You are still alive so live your life well.

To sum up the 10 entries, I really hope that you will focus more on your health after this. Being healthy is priceless. So, take care of your health and let’s say no to cancer!!! :) 



Before this, we have talked about the importance of family support for cancer patients. How they influenced them in their daily life and how their help is important in making cancer patient overcome their disease.

Today, I want to talk about the importance of self-motivation among cancer patients.
I know it is hard for them to overcome their problems and feelings when they found out that they had been diagnosed with cancer disease. But, feeling sad and emotion will not give any help at all for them as it won’t solve anything. As a human being, it is normal to have those kinds of feelings and emotion. If we remain strong, there won’t be such word as giving up or else. Think about our parents, our family and our children (those who have their own family). Don’t give up. Think about how you want to maintain fit in order to take care of them. Bear in mind that everyone in your family loves you so must love yourself first!

Next, if the doctor suggested that you will be given chemotherapy to cure your disease, follow their instruction. Though it might hurt you and your body are full with aches, bear it. Think about your health. Your will and strength is needed to overcome those treatments. Don’t think too much as it will hurt you more. If you are not ready with the chemotherapy or any other radiation treatment, you can proceed with natural treatment. I know those treatment will not affect much in making you feel better, but at least get a treatment and don’t just sit without doing anything. Things that you are always do will soon become used. So please, bear with it for your health.

As I’ve been talking about huge support from family members and friends, you yourself need to set a positive mind-set. Don’t bother your mind by having negative thinking as it will lead you to depression. Make your own life cheerful and amazing by doing a thing that you never tried. Such as bungee jumping, kayaking and many more! It is not wrong to do something extreme if you still have energy in your body.  Everything happens for a reason. You can also set a mind-set that become cancer patient is gift from God. Not everyone will have the same faith like you. Make changes in your life. Become a good person and open your mind more after this. I am sure that a positive mind will lead to a positive life.




As we all know, cancer patients requires huge support from people. They need someone to talk to, someone to take care of them when they were feeling sick, someone to know their problem and someone that can help then whenever they are in need. We as a society should help them in making their dreams come true. Don’t just neglect them if they are not your family members. Help them as much as you can if that will make them happier like before.

In this entry, I suggested that we created a support group among cancer patients. This is to ensure that they will not feel alone. This support groups provide a time and space for patients and their family members to discuss feelings, concern and problems among each other. By having this kind of group, they will feel much better at ease as everyone around him were giving them support and reminds them to stay positive.

Hospital authorities can inspired every patients with motivational stories by creating a group of cancer patients. By doing so, they can talk each other among themselves and share their experience when undergoing surgery, chemotherapy or any other treatment. They can also share their experience on how they get cancer disease and how they manage to overcome it. If they are doing so, somehow they will get inspirational among each other and the percentage to stay healthy will increase! We never knew until we try to do so.

Hospital authorities can also help them by letting them share their ups and down with the patients. Make them felt grateful that they manage to survive and still alive. Make them talk if that is the things that they want. Provide the things that they need and never felt hard about it. We all knew that they are kind of person whom are sensitive especially in this kind of situation. Don’t make them hurt by ignoring them. Help them. If some of you are not able in taking care of them, at least you talk nicely with them. By doing so, I’m sure they also will become more open and appreciate more on what you’ve done.

Remember that the key to a successful relationship is helping each other unpack all the unwanted baggage and throw it away.



Cancer patients is undergoing chemotherapy treatment

Chemotherapy is one of the ways on how to cure cancer disease. According to American Cancer Society, chemotherapy is the use of medicine or drugs to treat any cancer. Though doing chemo might frighten many people, it can actually give a better sense of control in preventing cancer.  Some might know but some may be not. When cancer patient are undergo chemotherapy, there are actually side effect that will affect the patient. For example the patient will felt tired and weak all the time. This is due to the medicines used in chemo that can’t distinguish between fast-growing cancer and other type of cells. Due to that reason, cancer patient who received treatment will always get tired and feeling sick all the time. Hair losses are also side effect that most people knew. Some treatments only cause partial hair loss or thinning but some might lose hair from all over their body. To explain this, different type of chemotherapy drugs have varying effects while radiotherapy causes hair loss where the treatment has been focused only. To add on, don’t worry if you are losing your hair too much. There are many ways for you to overcome it. For example, cut your hair first before the treatment so that it will not seem as dramatic when it happens. Wear a cap and also wig! It will actually help you to overcome the hair loss problem.

Focus on your health first and not your appearance!

Next is Radiation therapy. For this treatment, it uses targeted energy such as X-Rays, radioactive substance and many more. Radiation therapy will destroy cancer cells, shrink tumour and other cancer-related symptoms. It can also stop the growth of cancer cells so that it will not spread enough to all over the body. According to Cancer Centre, there are three types of radiation therapy. For external therapy, radiation is directed from a machine outside the body such as IMRT, IGRT and many more. Radioactive material is placed directly near a tumour is internal radiation therapy. It will use high-dose rate brachytherapy. Lastly is systematic radiation therapy which substance that need to swallow or injected to cancer patient to destroy cancerous cells. It will use radioactive iodine therapy. Like what I’ve said earlier, side effect is normal if you are undergoing a treatment. For radiation therapy, it will cause skin change, fatigue, nausea and other part of the body that only being treated compared to chemotherapy.

Process of Radiation therapy treatment


Acupuncture that has been practice in China and any other Asian country for thousands of years ago can also be used.  It can stimulate anatomical points on the body through variety of techniques. Next is aromatherapy. Use Lavender or peppermint that may help you to stop spasms in gastrointestinal tract.  You can also use ginger in capsule or tablet form to help your immune system. So, if some people out there who are scared in undergo a surgery or any other therapy, you can also use natural therapy to cure your disease.

See? There is a lot of medical treatment that are available nowadays. Do not be scared or frighten. Choose any method that you like so that you will get cured from cancer. Don’t let cancer cells domain your body system. Be brave! 


Assalamualaikum, hello readers!

We often heard Stop Smoking Campaign, Anti-Drugs Campaign and many more. If those campaigns do exist in this world, why don’t we create campaign to cancer patients? For an example, we can create those campaigns and promote it through advertisement. By doing so, people will get interested and would want to joined the programmed.

Hospital authorities such as doctor, nurse and paramedic should joined and gives some explanations about cancer disease so that people will know more about the disease.  Let them know about the pros and cons that cancer will do if the diseases are attacking your life. Does it give bad effect or does it not? Those campaigns somehow will create awareness among society. If they have been given a lot of information about the cancer disease, they surely will take care of their health more and will be more open about the problem.

Some might said that launching a campaign won’t give any benefits. Make them wrong by launching a campaign or programmed that will open up their mind. For example, Just Stand Up campaign for Breast Cancer awareness. Do not just specifically those campaigns for women and make it to unisex. By doing that, both men and women will get interested to attending those campaign. Explain to them that breast cancers are not only attacking women but also men! Show them the percentage or research about cancer disease that available in this world.

Sharing is caring. In Just Stand Up campaign, prepared a doctor or a counsellor. By doing so, people that attend the campaign will become open to talk about their problem. Though some of them might not share their problem, at least they will end up knowing ways on how to solve their problem.
Do not just aiming for a successful event. Make people who attend the campaign satisfied with the programmed. By doing so, both party will get good results.



Morning everyone. We are still with the topic about cancer disease.

Before this, I’ve talked about the impact and ways to prevent cancer disease. Today, let me share some stories about cancer patient experience on how they manage to survive with cancer.

Rod and his wife, Keisha

Rod, 38 has been diagnosed with Colorectal cancer Stage lll on 2012. He has received treatment at CTA at Southeastern Regional Medical Centre.  The treatments that he has received are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, nutrition therapy and many more. During that time, his wife, Keisha and his two young children have been taking care of him during he was admitted in the hospital. Rod never shows to his colleague that he had cancer while he was going through chemotherapy and radiation until he was about to undergo a surgery. Due to that, his colleague was so inspired by his ability to continue working while he was coping with treatment. His wives never ever neglected him and always stay by his side during the treatment. Rod says, with this support and amazing care that Keisha has given him, he was been able to continue working and to stay healthy.  Staying positive is crucial for the patient and we are all human that have moment of weaknesses. As he has been received huge support from everyone around him, he doesn’t have to handle this all on his own.

What I like about Rod stories is that, he never gives up with what has happened towards him. Stage lll for cancer are the time where you need to have a strong heart and positive mind-set in order to get cured. His wife do take serious on this matter same like his colleague. He also fights with himself in order to free from cancer because he want to take care of his family back just like what they did to him. I also love his spirit because he does want to get healthier just like before.
So, we as a human being should not ever give up in our lives. Bear in mind that someone out there have bigger problem than yours. Never give up and keep on fighting for your lives.
Remember that the best view comes after the hardest climb!



Assalamualaikum. Hye, we meet again.

My previous entry is about how to prevent cancer. Today, I’m going to talk about the impact of cancers. I hope this entry somehow will help people to understand more about the real impact that will affect our life.

First thing first, we as a healthy person should know the situation that cancer patients had to face. We should not neglected them and know their struggle to face these kind of situation. Try helping them as much as we can so that they won’t give up with their life. We can also help them if there’s anything that they can’t do. For an example, bring them to the hospital if they need to do the treatment or maybe chemotherapy. Don’t leave them alone if they need someone to stay by their side. We can also help them by listening to their problem and stories if that the things that will make them happy.

We can also help cancer patient’s families if they have financial problem. By doing so, they will get full treatment and the chances to get cured are pretty high rather than not doing it at all. Tell them not to worry about the payment and help them the best that you can. Don’t neglect them. I’m sure they will appreciate you more and help you in future as well.

As a society, we can help cancer patients by giving them support as they really need huge support in order to get cured. Support is really important for them right now in order for them to avoid getting depression. Bear in mind that if they think too much about their condition, that will actually affecting more and bring bad impact to their health. By supporting them, we at the same time are helping them to recover their mind-set. Try to change their mind-set that cancer patients are able to get cured also. Don’t ask them to give up and ask them to stay strong as much as they can. If we are able to do so, they somehow will get positive vibes and will try as much as they can to get the full treatment.

To end up this entry, we as a healthy person should know the problem that cancer patients had to face. They are not just only facing a critical moment in their life but also might loss interest to stay alive. Play your role as a society or as a family and help them as much as you can.




Let’s continue our topic for today which is how to prevent cancer from attacking our lives.
A balanced diet is important because your body’s organs and tissues need proper nutrition to work effectively. According to Healthline, without good nutrition, your body is more prone to disease, infection, fatigue and poor performance. So, in order to maintain our body to stay healthy and fit, we must prioritize our health first rather than anything else.

Here are some tips on how to maintain a balanced diet.

First, take a fresh fruit and vegetables in our daily food. As we all know, fruits are rich and a great source of nutrition. If fruits have become used in our food intake, we are not just only getting high nutrition but also get to replace tasty snacks! As for vegetables, we can remain healthier by consuming it on every meal.

In United States, they refined white flour more than any other grain. So, why don’t we try to switch from white to whole-grain bread and pastas! This is to ensure that we get the whole nutrient from the grain as well.

Some might think that food intake does not affect much in preventing cancer. By making smart food choices, you can protect your health and preventing you from getting other diseases. A healthy diet can also make huge difference in helping you fight off cancer!

Next step is to live a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s are few step or ways to reduce cancer risk.

The first one is free ourselves from becoming obese. Weight gain or obesity will actually increase the risk of a number of cancers. So, in order to preventing obesity are by physically active for at least 30 minutes every day. We can start using stairs to climb up rather than using elevator. We can also should try walking for at least 30 minutes per day or do a slow jog. By practicing these, we actually are in the process of taking care of our body to stay fit and active.


 As we all know, cigarettes are the main reason on why some individual get cancers. So, in order to  free ourselves from getting cancer, we should not addicted with the cigarettes as it contains a lot of bad ingredients. Do not ever try cigarettes or you will end up suffering from lung cancer, oral cavity, pancreases and kidney problem. Prevent ourselves from smoke or any nicotine is also good in order to have good lifestyle.

Lastly, limit your habit on sedentary behaviour such as sitting, lying down, watching TV, and other forms of screen-based entertainment. Start to become active and enjoy your life as much as possible. Spend your free time with your family and do some active things together. By practicing this, you will get positive and good vibes from your surroundings.
Let’s prevent cancer and live a healthy life together!


Good Afternoon everyone!

As everyone knows that lung cancer and breast cancer are the most widely and common cancer in this world, today I’m going to talk about how these two cancers affect people.

Firstly, lungs are part of a system of organs and tissues that allow us to breathe. They performed by taking air into our body and moving waste gases back out. If some people have been diagnosed with lung cancer, it will make that person to have difficulty in breath and destroy the lung tissue.

Breathe fresh air every day and stop smoking!

Smokers have the highest risk of developing lung cancer. This problem depends on how many cigarettes you’ve smoked and how long does a person have been a smoker. If a smoker has been smoke for about 10 years and above, the percentage in getting lung cancer is higher! However, it is also possible for anyone to get lung cancer since the condition occurs when the lungs change to mutate. It happened when you breathe in toxic chemicals for over long period of time.

It can also happen from air pollution. For example, the air that we breathe contains particles that may be hazardous. Other than lung cancer, asthma are one of the diseases that we might get if we breathe with this kind of pollution. In order to prevent ourselves from lung cancer, we have to drink a lot of water every day. Don’t skip any meals and consume more nutrition fruits and vegetables.

Move to the second widely known cancers which are breast cancer. Some people might think that breast cancer only focusing on women but they are clearly wrong.  Studies shows that breast cancer will attack men as well though the percentage is not high as women. They will attack with only about 2,190 diagnoses each year.

Breast cancer started out to be small to be felt. As it grows, it can spread throughout the breast or other parts of the body. If breast cancer did not being cure, it can cause serious health problem and also death!

Some might not believe it but different people have different signs for breast cancer. Some of the warning signs of breast cancer are thickening or swelling or part of the body, irritation or dimpling of breast skin, redness or flaky skin in the nipple or any changes in the size or shape of the breast.
You can make changes in your life in preventing breast cancer. Limit your alcohol use, exercise regularly and stay at a healthy weight will give you a big help in preventing breast cancer.
Simply said, take care of your health more if you want to maintain your health. Do not just take these things for granted and cherish every moment of your life with positive things. You will end up healthier if you manage to take care of your health more.



Assalamualaikum, Hello again!

Today, I want to talk about types of cancer that exist in this world. I guess many people won’t get surprised if I say there are more than 100 types of cancer in this world.

Yes, there are more than 100 types of cancer that exist in this world!

According to World Cancer Research Fund International, there were an estimated 14.1 million cancer cases around the world in 2012. 7.4 million Cases were in men and 6.7 million in women. This number is expected to increase to 24 million by 2035!

I know it sounds terrifying but what we can do as a human is to protect and care about our health rather than neglecting it.

Statistic shows that lung cancer is at the top rank in the diseases that domain both sexes. Lung cancer has contributing 13% of the total number and still at the top rank until now. The ranking continues with colorectal cancer with nearly 1.4 million.

What I have said earlier was focusing on both sexes. Now, let’s focus on men sexes which lung cancer still remains the same for the first place. It consists of nearly 17% of new cases diagnosed in 2012. For second and third place, prostate and colorectal are contributed nearly 42% of all cancer, respectively.

While for women, breast cancer takes the first place with 25% new cases diagnosed in 2012. 25%? That is indeed a big number. For the third place, cervical cancer contributed nearly 8% of all cancer.
This shows that lung cancer and breast cancer are not only commonly known by people but they are also the domain the diseases that infect people.

After focusing on most common, let’s move on to least commonly known cancer that known by people.

According to Thyroid Cancer: Anaplastic Cancer, Anaplastic thyroid cancer is the least common type of cancer in this world.  They are only 1% of all thyroid cancers and are most deadly of all thyroid cancers. This disease can be identifying when the doctor feels the neck mass and it usually large and very hard at the same time. What more surprising is the tumour will grow very rapidly until you never noticed it. Though it is one of the least common cancer that known by people, the overall cure rate for anaplastic cancer is very low. It requires a very aggressive treatment plan with surgery and sometimes even chemotherapy!

So to prevent people from being diagnosed by this disease, make an appointment with a doctor as soon as you feel something wrong with yourself. Bear in mind that even little things can be big if they are not being taken care of.


Assalamualaikum, let me introduce myself.  I’m Nor Shahirah binti Safari from DEC 5C. This blog were created due to the DNMC subject and to complete the assessment given by Mr. Zulfakri.

Well, I choose cancer as my topic because I want everyone to be aware of this disease. This is because cancer is not something that many people should neglect off! Yes. So, in this blog I’ll try my best to give full entry about the Cancer disease.

Okay, let’s get started!

First, let me brief about definition of cancer.

As we all know, cancer is the illness that most people feared of. According to National Cancer Institute, cancer is the name given to a collection of related disease. It happened when some of the body’s cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues.

4 Stages of Cancer

We should also know that there are 4 stages of cancer. By knowing the 4 stages, it actually helps the doctors and patient to plan treatment and predict a person’s chance of recovery.  
Many people won’t believe if I said there is Stage 0 in cancer disease. Stage 0 happened when the cells are still located in the place and not invaded into nearby tissues. These stages can be cured by removing the entire tumour with surgery. By doing that, we can at least free ourselves from getting cancer! Isn’t it amazing?

For Stage l, it is a small cancer or tumour that has not grown deeply into nearby tissue yet.  It is also not fully spread to the lymph nodes or other part of the body. We can assume that Stage l is an early-stage of cancer.

Move to the Stage ll and lll, it happened when the indicate cancer or tumour that are larger in size have grown deeply and started to spread to the lymph nodes but not to other parts of the body yet. Usually, when the patient knew that they are already on this stages, doctors will ask them to continue doing the treatment and having a chemotherapy. This is to ensure that the cancer cells will not spread easily to other parts of the body.

Finally, we have move to the final stage which is Stage lV. If this stage has occurred, it means that the cancer has spread to the other organs of part of the body! If this problem has happened, the chances to be cured are pretty low. Patients will need to go through chemotherapy in order to be as healthy as before.

So, in order to make sure ourselves free from getting cancer, we should take serious in health matter and not just take these things for granted. If we treat our body well, we will also live well. Like people say, healthy life will lead to happy life!