Monday, August 31, 2015



Finally, I am here after posting 10 entries regarding cancer disease. I really hope that you will enjoy reading my blog and become more aware after this.

For further information, if you ever sense something is wrong with your body, don’t procrastinate and quickly meet a doctor. It is okay to experience minor pain instead of feeling extremely painful later on. I also would be please if you make a medical appointment or check-up at hospital to ensure that everything is fine regarding your health. Bear in mind that cancer is not something that we can’t take for granted. Take these things seriously as it involves your daily life.

Don’t be sad if you have been diagnosed with cancer disease! Take it as a challenge for your life. Be more serious in taking care of your health and your food consumption as well. You should also live with people that will bring you smile and surround yourself with them. Don’t think too much as it will lead you to depression. Smile and stay positive. You are still alive so live your life well.

To sum up the 10 entries, I really hope that you will focus more on your health after this. Being healthy is priceless. So, take care of your health and let’s say no to cancer!!! :) 

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