Monday, August 31, 2015



Before this, we have talked about the importance of family support for cancer patients. How they influenced them in their daily life and how their help is important in making cancer patient overcome their disease.

Today, I want to talk about the importance of self-motivation among cancer patients.
I know it is hard for them to overcome their problems and feelings when they found out that they had been diagnosed with cancer disease. But, feeling sad and emotion will not give any help at all for them as it won’t solve anything. As a human being, it is normal to have those kinds of feelings and emotion. If we remain strong, there won’t be such word as giving up or else. Think about our parents, our family and our children (those who have their own family). Don’t give up. Think about how you want to maintain fit in order to take care of them. Bear in mind that everyone in your family loves you so must love yourself first!

Next, if the doctor suggested that you will be given chemotherapy to cure your disease, follow their instruction. Though it might hurt you and your body are full with aches, bear it. Think about your health. Your will and strength is needed to overcome those treatments. Don’t think too much as it will hurt you more. If you are not ready with the chemotherapy or any other radiation treatment, you can proceed with natural treatment. I know those treatment will not affect much in making you feel better, but at least get a treatment and don’t just sit without doing anything. Things that you are always do will soon become used. So please, bear with it for your health.

As I’ve been talking about huge support from family members and friends, you yourself need to set a positive mind-set. Don’t bother your mind by having negative thinking as it will lead you to depression. Make your own life cheerful and amazing by doing a thing that you never tried. Such as bungee jumping, kayaking and many more! It is not wrong to do something extreme if you still have energy in your body.  Everything happens for a reason. You can also set a mind-set that become cancer patient is gift from God. Not everyone will have the same faith like you. Make changes in your life. Become a good person and open your mind more after this. I am sure that a positive mind will lead to a positive life.


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