Monday, August 31, 2015


Assalamualaikum, hello readers!

We often heard Stop Smoking Campaign, Anti-Drugs Campaign and many more. If those campaigns do exist in this world, why don’t we create campaign to cancer patients? For an example, we can create those campaigns and promote it through advertisement. By doing so, people will get interested and would want to joined the programmed.

Hospital authorities such as doctor, nurse and paramedic should joined and gives some explanations about cancer disease so that people will know more about the disease.  Let them know about the pros and cons that cancer will do if the diseases are attacking your life. Does it give bad effect or does it not? Those campaigns somehow will create awareness among society. If they have been given a lot of information about the cancer disease, they surely will take care of their health more and will be more open about the problem.

Some might said that launching a campaign won’t give any benefits. Make them wrong by launching a campaign or programmed that will open up their mind. For example, Just Stand Up campaign for Breast Cancer awareness. Do not just specifically those campaigns for women and make it to unisex. By doing that, both men and women will get interested to attending those campaign. Explain to them that breast cancers are not only attacking women but also men! Show them the percentage or research about cancer disease that available in this world.

Sharing is caring. In Just Stand Up campaign, prepared a doctor or a counsellor. By doing so, people that attend the campaign will become open to talk about their problem. Though some of them might not share their problem, at least they will end up knowing ways on how to solve their problem.
Do not just aiming for a successful event. Make people who attend the campaign satisfied with the programmed. By doing so, both party will get good results.


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