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Cancer patients is undergoing chemotherapy treatment

Chemotherapy is one of the ways on how to cure cancer disease. According to American Cancer Society, chemotherapy is the use of medicine or drugs to treat any cancer. Though doing chemo might frighten many people, it can actually give a better sense of control in preventing cancer.  Some might know but some may be not. When cancer patient are undergo chemotherapy, there are actually side effect that will affect the patient. For example the patient will felt tired and weak all the time. This is due to the medicines used in chemo that can’t distinguish between fast-growing cancer and other type of cells. Due to that reason, cancer patient who received treatment will always get tired and feeling sick all the time. Hair losses are also side effect that most people knew. Some treatments only cause partial hair loss or thinning but some might lose hair from all over their body. To explain this, different type of chemotherapy drugs have varying effects while radiotherapy causes hair loss where the treatment has been focused only. To add on, don’t worry if you are losing your hair too much. There are many ways for you to overcome it. For example, cut your hair first before the treatment so that it will not seem as dramatic when it happens. Wear a cap and also wig! It will actually help you to overcome the hair loss problem.

Focus on your health first and not your appearance!

Next is Radiation therapy. For this treatment, it uses targeted energy such as X-Rays, radioactive substance and many more. Radiation therapy will destroy cancer cells, shrink tumour and other cancer-related symptoms. It can also stop the growth of cancer cells so that it will not spread enough to all over the body. According to Cancer Centre, there are three types of radiation therapy. For external therapy, radiation is directed from a machine outside the body such as IMRT, IGRT and many more. Radioactive material is placed directly near a tumour is internal radiation therapy. It will use high-dose rate brachytherapy. Lastly is systematic radiation therapy which substance that need to swallow or injected to cancer patient to destroy cancerous cells. It will use radioactive iodine therapy. Like what I’ve said earlier, side effect is normal if you are undergoing a treatment. For radiation therapy, it will cause skin change, fatigue, nausea and other part of the body that only being treated compared to chemotherapy.

Process of Radiation therapy treatment


Acupuncture that has been practice in China and any other Asian country for thousands of years ago can also be used.  It can stimulate anatomical points on the body through variety of techniques. Next is aromatherapy. Use Lavender or peppermint that may help you to stop spasms in gastrointestinal tract.  You can also use ginger in capsule or tablet form to help your immune system. So, if some people out there who are scared in undergo a surgery or any other therapy, you can also use natural therapy to cure your disease.

See? There is a lot of medical treatment that are available nowadays. Do not be scared or frighten. Choose any method that you like so that you will get cured from cancer. Don’t let cancer cells domain your body system. Be brave! 

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