As we all know, cancer patients requires huge support from people. They need someone to talk to, someone to take care of them when they were feeling sick, someone to know their problem and someone that can help then whenever they are in need. We as a society should help them in making their dreams come true. Don’t just neglect them if they are not your family members. Help them as much as you can if that will make them happier like before.

In this entry, I suggested that we created a support group among cancer patients. This is to ensure that they will not feel alone. This support groups provide a time and space for patients and their family members to discuss feelings, concern and problems among each other. By having this kind of group, they will feel much better at ease as everyone around him were giving them support and reminds them to stay positive.

Hospital authorities can inspired every patients with motivational stories by creating a group of cancer patients. By doing so, they can talk each other among themselves and share their experience when undergoing surgery, chemotherapy or any other treatment. They can also share their experience on how they get cancer disease and how they manage to overcome it. If they are doing so, somehow they will get inspirational among each other and the percentage to stay healthy will increase! We never knew until we try to do so.

Hospital authorities can also help them by letting them share their ups and down with the patients. Make them felt grateful that they manage to survive and still alive. Make them talk if that is the things that they want. Provide the things that they need and never felt hard about it. We all knew that they are kind of person whom are sensitive especially in this kind of situation. Don’t make them hurt by ignoring them. Help them. If some of you are not able in taking care of them, at least you talk nicely with them. By doing so, I’m sure they also will become more open and appreciate more on what you’ve done.

Remember that the key to a successful relationship is helping each other unpack all the unwanted baggage and throw it away.

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