Morning everyone. We are still with the topic about cancer disease.

Before this, I’ve talked about the impact and ways to prevent cancer disease. Today, let me share some stories about cancer patient experience on how they manage to survive with cancer.

Rod and his wife, Keisha

Rod, 38 has been diagnosed with Colorectal cancer Stage lll on 2012. He has received treatment at CTA at Southeastern Regional Medical Centre.  The treatments that he has received are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, nutrition therapy and many more. During that time, his wife, Keisha and his two young children have been taking care of him during he was admitted in the hospital. Rod never shows to his colleague that he had cancer while he was going through chemotherapy and radiation until he was about to undergo a surgery. Due to that, his colleague was so inspired by his ability to continue working while he was coping with treatment. His wives never ever neglected him and always stay by his side during the treatment. Rod says, with this support and amazing care that Keisha has given him, he was been able to continue working and to stay healthy.  Staying positive is crucial for the patient and we are all human that have moment of weaknesses. As he has been received huge support from everyone around him, he doesn’t have to handle this all on his own.

What I like about Rod stories is that, he never gives up with what has happened towards him. Stage lll for cancer are the time where you need to have a strong heart and positive mind-set in order to get cured. His wife do take serious on this matter same like his colleague. He also fights with himself in order to free from cancer because he want to take care of his family back just like what they did to him. I also love his spirit because he does want to get healthier just like before.
So, we as a human being should not ever give up in our lives. Bear in mind that someone out there have bigger problem than yours. Never give up and keep on fighting for your lives.
Remember that the best view comes after the hardest climb!


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